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How Do Reverse Cell Phone Number Lookups Work?

Posted on October 23rd, 2008 by David Moore

How does a Reverse Cell Phone Number Lookup Actually Work?

You have found a phone number that you don't recognize and you have decided that your curiosity has gotten the best of you and you need to know whose number it is. You go online and find a reputable company to run a reverse number search for you. You get the name, the address history and the carrier of the phone service and you realize it is your friend's new cell phone number. As the information settles in you begin to wonder just how these searches actually work.

Reverse Number Searches Start with the Phone Number

It really begins very simply; it starts by breaking down the actual phone number. Every phone number is divided into three sections. First you have the area code; once you enter the area code your search begins by narrowing down the specific section of the country that the number you are using the phone search for is located. Once that area is pinpointed the search begins to further narrow down the area using the next three digits of the telephone or cell phone number referred to as the local number which can also be called a telephone exchange.

Now that the search has narrowed the area of the country the number is from and narrowed it to the local area the reverse number search then takes the last four digits and finds the specific person or company that owns the number. Finding the exact owner of the number takes a little bit more narrowing on the part of the reverse directory data base that the company you have chosen is using.

Searching the Cell Phone Number Database

Once the phone number is narrowed to a specific section it is then compared to the data base that your reverse number lookup service has compiled. If the company you have chosen is reputable they will literally have tens of thousands records in their data base. This information is gotten from local phone directories, private records and sometimes is purchased from data brokers. The companies that are top notch regularly update their data sources so you get the best information possible.

Cell phone reverse searches are also possible with these services and work the same way. The number is narrowed down and then the data is retrieved. Once the search has run the results are given to you in a report. Some companies do it right on your screen and give you an option to print out the results of your reverse number search.

Ever wonder how a reverse phone search actually works? Find out in this article how the phone number you enter gets from unknown to a full report on the owner of the phone number.

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